Mobile Gaming news

Today I present you top mobile gaming news of this week- Call of Duty mobile gets COD Black ops IV blackout map- If you want to know everything about update- Patch notes by CODM Officials. Well the blackout map is beautiful and is added as a part of 2nd anniversary and definitely the game has […]

Minecraft 1.18 leaks

Minecraft’s 1.18 update a.k.a “Caves and Cliffs part 2” is quickly coming, so players are curious to know all the upcoming changes. From the content perspective, Sculk Sensor, Bundles, and Warden Mob are some of the confirmed additions of Minecraft’s 1.18 patch. Besides this, the new world generation mechanics is the main attraction of the […]

Play Minecraft with us!!

Today we announce you our 1st ever S.M.P for Minecraft. To play with us all you need to do is join using the I.P address below. After that you will land straight into our server. (Note: server is not on 24/7. server on request on discord only.) Discord link- See you in the […]

BGMI 1.5.0 Patch Notes

BGMI has rolled out the 1.5.0 update and in this blog I am here to provide you with the quality patch notes of it and find what is new. BGMI 1.5.0 Patch Notes below BGMI 1.5.0 Patch Notes – New MG3 GunWith the BGMI 1.5.0 update, the M249 LMG has been excluded from the airdrops […]

Custom Gaming PC guide

Custom Gaming PC guide for you.We have come up with a custom gaming pc building guide. First-time custom PC builders can find the entire process a little intimidating, it’s OK though, we’ve all lived through those head-scratching days. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-follow guide to the best PCs according to your budget! It will […]

Chivalry 2 : All You Need To Know

CHIVARLY 2 / CHIVALRY-II Chivalry 2 : All You Need To Know Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person game inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era. It is a first person game which involve flaming arrows, clashing swords sprawling castle sieges. If you […]

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