BGMI 1.5.0 Patch Notes

BGMI has rolled out the 1.5.0 update and in this blog I am here to provide you with the quality patch notes of it and find what is new. BGMI 1.5.0 Patch Notes below

BGMI 1.5.0 Patch Notes –

New MG3 Gun
With the BGMI 1.5.0 update, the M249 LMG has been excluded from the airdrops and will now be available as part of the field drop in all maps except for Karakin. The gun has been replaced by MG3 in the supply crate, which is airdropped in the game. Bear in mind that the new gun is available only as part of the supply crate in-game.

M249 is now available on field.

The light machine gun comes with support for 6x scope, continuous firepower capability, uses 7.62 ammo, and can hold up to 75 bullets. However, the reload time is a little slow and there’s no single-shot mode. Players can switch between 660 or 990 rounds per minute and there’s a bipod mode that automatically deploys when the player is laying prone.

The new gun MG3 with 990 rpm mode.

Throwing Healing Consumables

Throwing healing consumables are a new feature in the 1.5.0 update. In order to throw them, players can select a healing consumable and tap on the throw button. However, if thrown wrongly, the consumable could bounce away and players need to carefully aim the throw. Consumables are kits that usually contain a first aid kit which is used when a player is dying. Some common components include an adrenaline syringe, energy drink, painkiller, bandage, first aid kit, med kit and a gas can.

Throwable Healings

New tiers introduced

The BGMI 1.5 update has also introduced a new tier called Ace Master, which sit between the Ace and Conqueror tier. The update will also overhaul the tier icons and level-up effects visuals. There’s a new point system as well called Challenge Point. Players can earn a Challenge Point by completing a game without neglecting their teammates, leaving mid-game, or attacking teammates. Players with a certain level of challenge points will be able to reduce the deducted ranking points when they’re eliminated from the battle early. The update also brings Season Series Rewards for players who achieve Diamond, Crown, and Ace tiers.

New Tier System.

Mission Ignition Mode
The new BGMI update will also introduce a new theme mode called Mission Ignition Mode for a limited duration. The new mode will be added to the Erangel map. This mode has six high-tech regions of Erangel namely the Transit Center, Georgopol, Tech Center, Sosnovka Security Center, Logistics Agency, and Energy Center. These locations are basically transformed Pochinki, Port of Georgopol, School, Military Base, Yasnaya Polyana, and Mylta Power.

Ignition Mode

The new mode will feature air conveyors, ASM Abakan gun, anti-gravity motorcycle, HyperLines, and autonomous semi-trucks carrying supplies. The G-38 Gravity Free Motorcycle is the highlight, which can hover above the surface and thus can move over both land and water. The air conveyor catapults up to two players into the air and acts as a transportation tool, whereas the ASM Abakan is an assault rifle that supports fully automatic, burst and semi-automatic mode.

Another futuristic addition to the Mission Ignition Mode is the robotic Patrol Dog, which can be found by following the puppy icon in the minimap. The Patrol Dog helps players spot rare and high-end items. Apart from this, there’s a Tactical Marking Device which will let players check the direction of the teammate’s firing, enemy location, street information, and nearby grenade.

The High-Tech City also offers Riot Shield to players which is bulletproof and can be deployed in case of emergency. However, it’s one-time use only and cannot be moved once deployed.

New graphics settings
A new graphics option that’s lower than smooth is added for lower-specification budget smartphones, which might be BGMI’s alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite. Additionally, Krafton has added a new 90fps option in the frame rate settings for some new devices. The game now lets players adjust gyroscope sensitivity, the sensitivity of tilt camera control while firing, and reverse the up and down effect of the gyroscope.

The game now has a Do not pick up discarded items option as well, which prevents auto pick up of discarded scopes and other items. Lastly, there is an Advance Pick-Up option, which lets players pick-up and set their favourite attachments for weapons, this means when the player picks up the set attachment, it automatically replaces whatever attachment is currently in use.

Other new additions include auto switching of weapon when the current one runs out of ammo, third-person camera view, glass windows in Erangle and Miramar, and more.

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