Valorant New Gun Prices

Valorant New Gun Prices
New Valorant Leaks suggest big price changes coming up in Valorant.

Nine Guns will get price shifts according to the leaks.

9 weapons including Operator and Judge will get a price shift.

The leaks suggest that they nine weapons getting price change are Frenzy, Stinger, Bucky , Judge , Bulldog , Guardian, Marshal, Ares and Operator. With 8 of them being Drops in prices.

So, Get ready, agents. There could be some significant changes headed your way in terms Valorant New Gun Prices in an upcoming VALORANT patch, according to new leaks that surfaced today from the ValorLeaks Twitter account.

An interesting thing to see is that there are price changes worth 50 credits. This change can bring flexibility to the loadouts and who knows, we might see ability changes so that the 50 credits could be worth it.

The Change everyone wanted

Here we can see that the change everyone was waiting for is here.

The leaks suggest that the price of Judge has changed from 1600 credits to 1850 credits. The Judge has really been on the rise because how superior it is to the others guns in running and gunning and in short ranges and its rate of fire makes it even more dangerous.

According To The Leaks

The Operator is still the most expensive gun in the game but it will not eat players credits like it used to before. Its price is being reduced to 4700 credits.

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